House of Secrets | APEX, an immersive VR music video by House of Secrets
House of Secrets is a visual effects, animation and game studio situated in Hilversum, The Netherlands. We have over a decade of experience in the commercial ad and visual effects industry with ads for companies like Nike, AH, MTV, and Fiat.
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About This Project

Our new realtime animated VR music video is called APEX.
It tells the story of realities colliding, throwing the viewer in the midst of chaos. Within fire and destruction, the viewer experiences something violent yet beautiful.


Being confronted with a power so great, all you can do is watch the world burn. Finding beauty in insignificance, accompanied with ear shattering electronic music. APEX means to overwhelm and inspire.


APEX premiered at the Tribeca film festival in April of 2017. Today, APEX is available through Transport and Kaleidoscope, and will soon be found on Steam and the Oculus Store too.

Screenings and Awards

APEX screened at

PREMIERE – Virtual Arcade program at the 16th annual Tribeca Film Festival, New York, United States, April 19-30 2017

World VR Forum, Geneva, Switzerland, May 11 – 13 2017

Film du Marché de Cannes, Cannes, France, May 19 2017

Sonar+D, Barcelona, Spain, June 14-17 2017

Australian Virtual Reality Film Festival, Brisbane, Australia, August 10-13 2017


Sven Neve and Arjan van Meerten


Arjan van Meerten


House of Secrets

Executive Producer

Animation, Unreal, VR