House of Secrets | APEX
House of Secrets is a visual effects, animation and game studio situated in Hilversum, The Netherlands. We have over a decade of experience in the commercial ad and visual effects industry with ads for companies like Nike, AH, MTV, and Fiat.
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Step into a surrealistic and darkly beautiful vision of a fiery urban apocalypse; one populated by skeletal ghost animals, abstract shapes, maniacal smiling giants and, of course, you.

Ever since completing Surge, we knew we wanted to make more VR experiences. So when we got the chance to work on APEX, we did not think twice. APEX became the second realtime animated VR music video by House of Secrets.

It tells the story of realities colliding, throwing the viewer in the midst of chaos. Within fire and destruction, the viewer experiences something violent yet beautiful.

Being confronted with a power so great, all you can do is watch the world burn. Finding beauty in destruction, accompanied with ear-shattering electronic music. APEX means to overwhelm and inspire.

  • Credits

    • Direction & Music | Arjan van Meerten
    • Technical Direction & Programming | Sven Neve
    • Production & Animation | Ruud Renting
    • Executive Production | Anthony Batt, René Pinnell
    • House of Secrets Interns | Wessel Baay, Anja Jansen, John van Engelenburg
    • Additional Modeling & Animation | Floyd Angenent, Gurkan Yilmaz
    • Made possible by | Wevr, Kaleidoscope VR

  • Details

    • Year of Production: 2016
    • Premiere: Tribeca Film Festival, April 2017
    • Press contact: Daniëlle de Jonge
      danielle [at] houseofsecrets [dot] nl