House of Secrets | Behind the scenes of: CG Car commercial
House of Secrets is one of the leading studios for computer and VR animation in the Netherlands. We excel in character animation, realism and virtual reality applications. Our services range from immersive experiences for museums and brands to full-scale virtual reality productions. With 12,5+ years of experience in visual effects and animation, having worked with international brands and Dutch television stations alike, House of Secrets now focuses on in-house animation productions for (interactive) immersive experiences.
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Behind the scenes of: CG Car commercial

Behind the scenes of: CG Car commercial

Today, We’d like to take you back a couple of years to this automotive project. This animation was an in-house commissioned R&D project.

Instead of key framing the motion of the car, it was performed real-time using an Oculus Rift DK1 for maximum immersion, along with an Xbox 360 steering wheel and Unity.

The motion data of the car was fed into Maya for use with the high resolution geometry, after which the scenes were lit and rendered using V-Ray. Enjoy: a highly detailed, shiny new car, smoothly moving and with lighting on point at every turn!

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