House of Secrets is one of the leading studios for computer and VR animation in the Netherlands. We excel in character animation, realism and virtual reality applications. Our services range from immersive experiences for museums and brands to full-scale virtual reality productions. With 12,5+ years of experience in visual effects and animation, having worked with international brands and Dutch television stations alike, House of Secrets now focuses on in-house animation productions for (interactive) immersive experiences.
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Branded game development

Our studio is well-versed in the complete process of game development. Whether you’re looking for a linear educational point-n-click game, or a fully immersive racing game that’s branded to suit your campaign; as long as it’s 3D, we can probably help you out.


We love to let a brand come to live in an interactive setting without losing track of its brand design and core values. We understand that your message is the most important aspect here, and we’re here to package it into a (serious or) fun beautiful-looking game.


We know – and have worked through – many of the pitfalls of game creation and can advise you along the way on what works or doesn’t work; things you no longer have to worry about.

VR productions

We can develop both interactive and linear VR content fully in-house. We can take on the whole process, from concept art to testing and deployment, or we can take on part of a larger production to help out with any 3D and vfx focused compartments.


We were around when VR wasn’t much more than a demo scene and we’ve seen it evolving into the creative medium it is today. We work with a dedicated team and apply our thorough experience with VR to any project, to assure we get the best quality graphic performance for the viewer or player.


We can create beautiful 360 worlds from scratch for the player to get lost in, create engaging gameplay without breaking immersion or letting them travel along a story told around them.

Procedural design tools

What has pushed our own game development processes forward, is using procedural design solutions. We want to grant this ‘tool making’ as a service to other studios who might not have the knowledge and experience in-house.

Procedural tools can really expedite your gamedesign and game development processes. We make the tools for you, in your style and to fit your game. You can let us add as many controls and details as you’d like that would fit your particular (environment) design.


We can make you a whole desert-level-generator, where you can tweak the number and height of the dunes, populate it with cacti, weathered signs and shrubs and maybe let it cut out sand roads through the valleys… or we can make you a much simpler bridge or fence generator that works within the style parameters of your game. And you always get the controls to tweak it as much as you’d want before settling. It lets you and your team work directly in the style of the game, with less back-and-forth in the design processes.

If you’re looking for something that doesn’t fit neatly into one of these boxes, yet you think we might be able to add our experience and expertise to a project, please don’t be afraid to reach out (contact details down below).
We have over 15 years of experience in 3D, vfx, animation and more, and we’re happy to think along with any variety of projects.