Voyages Pilot
House of Secrets is one of the leading studios for computer and VR animation in the Netherlands. We excel in character animation, realism and virtual reality applications. Our services range from immersive experiences for museums and brands to full-scale virtual reality productions. With 12,5+ years of experience in visual effects and animation, having worked with international brands and Dutch television stations alike, House of Secrets now focuses on in-house animation productions for (interactive) immersive experiences.
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Voyages Pilot

About This Project

Together with Kaleidoscope, House of Secrets is working on a large-scale VR project. The first thing from this is out to the public now, in the shape of four short 360 movies on

In this pilot, we take parts of the original soundtracks that were made especially for this experience, and work out the design concepts we envisioned:

Birth / All is New

This first chapter is inspired by the eternal processes of life: origins, growth and renewal. These are all symbolic overarching themes of a life, but are found even before a baby takes its first breath. These processes are streamlined and controlled, but also contain something that is erratic and explosive. ‘Birth’ explores the building blocks of life.


Adulthood / The Rhythm of Life

‘Adulthood’ is dominated by routine; iterations of a solid rhythm that has taken over our lives. The repetitiveness of adulthood may come over as dull, but there is also a soothing and comforting aspect to it that keeps pushing onward. New and exciting things are sometimes left forgotten for the sake of this rhythm. If we can follow it, we will be at ease. Adulthood then, intoxicates you with this soothing, looping, cyclic beat of life.


Old Age / When the Fog Rolls In

In old age you have set down firm roots. You have lived the largest part of your life and have a heap of unique memories to look back on. This chapter plays with the idea of memories making you into the unique person you have become when you are older, but at the same time, the memories only light up every so often and you can see the cracks and decay in the spaces that hold them. That what you hold on to the most is tearing down slowly, outside of your control.


Death / Absolute Reality

Death is the last chapter in all life. Energy and color fades as the end draws near. We are concluding the series with a last source of light where the shapes will travel once all other color has faded from the scene. An otherworldly piano and violin sing a serenade for ghosts. Down below, a harmonium hums the drone of Absolute Reality.

Ultimately, these concepts will come together in an even larger-scale project that includes interactivity and lots of original music from musicians we are so thankful to be working with.


These concepts were brought to live by our creative lead, Arjan van Meerten in collaboration with René Pinnell from Kaleidoscope. Mike Tucker originally created the Death movement, which we ported to a 360 video.

You can see all episodes online on the SamsungVR platform:

Watch it in our browser, or, for best results, in your Samsung VR headset.


Arjan van Meerten


Jonny Greenwood, Little Dragon, Amon Tobin, Elliot Cole, Roomful of Teeth

Technical Director

Sven Neve


Daniëlle de Jonge


Gina van Meerendonk,

Nicolas Christmann,

Laura Mols Lous,

Sasker van Gulik

Unity, VR