House of Secrets presents KIN, their first game coming to GearVR in December 2017 and to Oculus Rift in January 2018. KIN is a stylized, 3rd person, fast-paced action and puzzle platformer for virtual reality.
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About This Project

House of Secrets presents a VR puzzle platformer game with combat elements that will have the player traverse the remnants of an ancient civilization on a distant planet. Throughout your journey through alien landscapes, a story will unfold.

The game holds an abstract aesthetic that has become characteristic for the studio through their earlier VR experiences such as APEX and Surge. Lively colours, intuitive gameplay and interesting level design set the tone for KIN, in which the player moves through the world as a mysterious, tiny girl with big hair clad in a bright dress. Defeating enemies and solving puzzles, she leaps from platform to platform, travelling through different landscapes.


Find out more on:

Or buy the game for GearVR  directly from Oculus


  • Original setting and storytelling
  • Exciting combat and challenging puzzles
  • Guide your character through beautifully crafted landscapes in virtual reality


  • PC: Oculus Rift CV1 + VR Ready PC
  • Android: Oculus Go
  • Android: Gear VR + Samsung Galaxy S6 or higher
Technical Lead

Sven Neve

Creative Lead

Arjan van Meerten


Daniëlle de Jonge


Ilona de Bruin and Michael Lam

Programming Interns

Sebastiaan Buwalda and Raymon Zoetigheid


Mike von Rotz and Joost Jordens

Design Interns

Nik ter Beek,
Bas Huis,
Anouk O’Leary,
Mario Signorini and
Jasper de Vries


Ruud Renting

Sound Design

Ramon Kerstens and
Arjen Schut


Aaron Davies,
Paul Jastrzebski,
Chris Pruett and
Gabor Szauer

Special Thanks

Wessel Baay,
John van Engelenburg,
Tamara van Gelder and
Charlotte Piogé

Interactive, Unity, VR