House of Secrets | About House of Secrets
House of Secrets is a visual effects, animation and game studio situated in Hilversum, The Netherlands. We have over a decade of experience in the commercial ad and visual effects industry with ads for companies like Nike, AH, MTV, and Fiat.
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About House of Secrets

About House of Secrets

Amsterdam studio specializing in VR, interactive design and 3D animations.

House of Secrets is one of the leading studios for computer and VR animation in the Netherlands.

We excel in character animation, realism and virtual reality applications. Our services range from immersive experiences for museums and brands to full-scale virtual reality productions.

With 12,5+ years of experience in visual effects and animation, having worked with international brands and Dutch television stations alike, House of Secrets now focuses on in-house animation productions for (interactive) immersive experiences.

House of Secrets was founded in 2004 by Arjan van Meerten, Sven Neve and Bobby de Groot. As a small vfx business, getting most of its work from commercials that needed some much-needed digital post-production, cgi or vfx.  

In between working on commercial assignments, the studio worked on their short animation film ‘Cruise Patrol’, which came out in 2013. Combining the experience of puzzling together ‘Vuurproef’, an immersive experience for a local theme park, making Cruise Patrol and experimenting with virtual reality content in their spare time, a new focus became clear: the studio wanted to make in-house VR experiences.

In 2015, House of Secrets produced its first virtual reality music video: Surge. This real-time animated virtual reality experience was one of the first of its kind. Arjan van Meerten, one of the studio’s co-founders, made the music for it and was the creative lead for the project. House of Secrets helped out with its production. A year later, the studio started working on another VR music video called APEX. This 5-minute experience premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival of 2017.

Right now, the studio is busy at work for a new interesting VR project… Stay tuned!

Our Team


Arjan van Meerten | Creative Lead

Sven Neve | Technical Lead

Michael Lam | Developer

Daniëlle de Jonge | Producer

Joost Jordens | Designer

Mike von Rotz | Designer

Ilona de Bruin | Programmer

Ramon Zoetigheid | Intern

Bas Huis | Intern